Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. Mesopotamia

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Missouri Learning Standards

MO.6-8.WH. World History
6-8.WH.1. Tools of Social Science Inquiry
6-8.WH.1.CC. History: Continuity and Change
6-8.WH.1.CC.E. Analyze the causes and consequences of a specific problem in world history prior to c. 1450 as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by those trying to address the problem.
6-8.WH.2. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.WH.2.GS. Governmental Systems and Principles
6-8.WH.2.GS.C. Explain how the codification of law impacted early civilizations.
6-8.WH.2. Key concepts and Understandings
6-8.WH.2.G. Geographical Study
6-8.WH.2.G.A. Describe how physical characteristics of river valleys supported permanent settlements and the rise of early civilizations.

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