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Pennsylvania Standards for Eighth Grade Social Studies

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PA.5.8. Civics and Government

5.1.8. Principles and Documents of Government

Documents and Ideals that Shape Pennsylvania and US Government
5.1.8.D. Summarize the basic principles and ideals within documents and the roles played by the framers as found in significant documents:
5.1.8.D.1. Declaration of Independence5.1.8.D.2. United States Constitution5.1.8.D.3. Bill of Rights
Individual Rights
5.1.8.E Compare and contrast the individual rights guaranteed by the PA Constitution versus the U.S. Constitution.
Principles and Ideals that Shape Government
5.1.8.C. Analyze the principles and ideas that shaped local, Pennsylvania, and national governments.
5.1.8.C.4. Equality

5.3.8. How Government Works

Leadership and Political Elections
5.3.8.D. Identify leadership positions and the role of political party affiliation at the local, state, and national levels.

5.4.8. How International Relationships Function

Countries and Conflicts
5.4.8.A. Describe how national interests lead to agreements and conflicts between and among countries.
International Organizations
5.4.8.C. Explain how common problems (e.g., natural disasters, ethnic conflict, environmental concerns) are addressed by organizations and governments.
Tools of Foreign Policy
5.4.8.B. Describe the foreign policy tools of diplomacy, economic aid, military aid, sanctions, and treaties.

PA.6.8. Economics

6.1.8. Scarcity and Choice

Incentives and Choice
6.1.8.D. Compare the effect of incentives on personal decisions.
Limited Resources
6.1.8.B.1. Compare decisions made because of limited resources and unlimited wants.
6.1.8.B.2. Analyze the resources that are combined to create goods and services.
Opportunity Costs
6.1.8.C. Compare choices to determine the best action.
Scarcity and Choice
6.1.8.A. Explain how limited resources and unlimited wants cause scarcity.

6.2.8. Markets and Economic Systems

Private Economic Institutions
6.2.8.F. Analyze the functions of private economic institutions in the national economy.

6.3.8. Functions of Government

6.3.8.C. Compare and contrast the effects of different taxation policies.

6.4.8. Economic Interdependence

Factors Contributing to Economic Interdependence
6.4.8.D. Explain how the level of transportation, communication networks, and technology affect economic interdependence.
6.4.8.A. Explain how specialization contributes to economic interdependence on a national level.

6.5.8. Income, Profit, and Wealth

Costs and Benefits of Saving
6.5.8.G. Identify the costs and benefits of various financial tools available to savers.
6.5.8.F. Explain the role of entrepreneurship across the nation.
Profits and Losses
6.5.8.D. Compare the risks and rewards of specific business actions.
Types of Businesses
6.5.8.C. Explain the organization of different types of businesses.

PA.7.8. Geography

7.1.8. Basic Geographic Literacy

Geographic Tools
7.1.8.A. Explain and illustrate how geographic tools are used to organize and interpret information about people, places, and environments.
Location of Places and Regions
7.1.8.B. Explain and locate places and regions as defined by physical and human features.

7.2.8. Physical Characteristics of Places and Regions

Physical Characteristics
7.2.8.A. Explain the characteristics of places and regions.
Physical Processes
7.2.8.B. Explain the physical processes that shape patterns on Earth’s surface.

7.3.8. Human Characteristics of Places and Regions

Human Characteristics
7.3.8.A. Explain the human characteristics of places and regions using the following criteria:
7.3.8.A.3. Settlement

7.4.8. Interactions Between People and the Environment

Impact of People on Physical Systems
7.4.8.B. Interpret the effects of people on the physical systems within regions.

PA.8.8. History

8.1.8. Historical Analysis and Skills Development

Continuity and Change over Time
8.1.8.A. Compare and contrast events over time and how continuity and change over time influenced those events.
Fact/Opinion and Points of View
8.1.8.B. Compare and contrast a historical event, using multiple points of view from primary and secondary sources.

8.3.8. United States History

Contributions of Individuals and Groups (US History)
8.3.8.A. Examine the role groups and individuals played in the social, political, cultural, and economic development of the United States.
Historical Documents and Artifacts (US History)
8.3.8.B. Evaluate the importance of historical documents, artifacts and places critical to United States history.

8.4.8. World History

Conflict and Cooperation (World)
8.4.8.D. Compare conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations which have impacted the history and development of the world.
Contributions of Individuals and Groups (World)
8.4.8.A. Compare the role groups and individuals played in the social, political, cultural, and economic development throughout world history.

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