Chemistry Worksheets and Study Guides High School. Atoms and Chemical Bonding

The resources above cover the following skills:

Skills And Processes: The student will demonstrate ways of thinking and acting inherent in the practice of science. The student will use the language and instruments of science to collect, organize, interpret, calculate, and communicate information.
The student will explain why curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism are highly regarded in science.
The student will recognize that real problems have more than one solution and decisions to accept one solution over another are made on the basis of many issues.
The student will demonstrate that data analysis is a vital aspect of the process of scientific inquiry and communication.
The student will use models and computer simulations to extend his/her understanding of scientific concepts. (NTB)
The student will show that connections exist both within the various fields of science and among science and other disciplines including mathematics, social studies, language arts, fine arts, and technology.
The student will explain how development of scientific knowledge leads to the creation of new technology and how technological advances allow for additional scientific accomplishments.
Concepts Of Chemistry: The student will demonstrate the ability to use scientific skills and processes (Core Learning Goal 1) to explain composition and interactions of matter in the world in which we live.
The student will explain that atoms have structure and this structure serves as the basis for the properties of elements and the bonds that they form.
The student will analyze the structure of the atom and describe the characteristics of the particles found there.
The student will demonstrate that the arrangement and number of electrons and the properties of elements repeat in a periodic manner illustrated by their arrangement in the periodic table.
The student will explain how atoms interact with other atoms through the transfer and sharing of electrons in the formation of chemical bonds.