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Famous Americans Third Grade Social Studies
Roles of the Citizens Third Grade Social Studies
Story Problems First Grade Math
Telling Time First Grade Math
Addition Facts First Grade Math
Place Value Second Grade Math
Congruent Shapes Third Grade Math

Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides


Being a Good Citizen, My Community, Important People & Events, Geography, Weather, ...

Kindergarten Social Studies Worksheets:87 skills

First Grade

Past or Present, Living and Nonliving, Needs and Wants, Living Things, ...

First Grade Social Studies Worksheets:7 skills

Third Grade

American Citizenship, Contributions of Ancient Civilizations, Famous Explorers, Tales of Long...

Third Grade Social Studies Worksheets:87 skills
Third Grade Social Studies Study Guides:28 skills

Fourth Grade

African American History, American Symbols & Holidays, Civil War, American Landmarks, U.S....

Fourth Grade Social Studies Worksheets:90 skills
Fourth Grade Social Studies Study Guides:30 skills

Fifth Grade

Government, Colonial Period, Economics, Exploration, Growth of a Nation, Iroquois, States and...

Fifth Grade Social Studies Worksheets:154 skills
Fifth Grade Social Studies Study Guides:25 skills

Sixth Grade

Ancient Egypt, Inventors, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Trade Routes, Archaeology, Class...

Sixth Grade Social Studies Worksheets:85 skills
Sixth Grade Social Studies Study Guides:25 skills

Seventh Grade

Causes of the Civil War, Colonial Life, European Exploration and Settlement, Medieval Europe, The...

Seventh Grade Social Studies Worksheets:85 skills
Seventh Grade Social Studies Study Guides:25 skills

Eighth Grade

The Cold War, Canada, Central America, World War II, Ancient China, Ancient Israel, Expansionism,...

Eighth Grade Social Studies Worksheets:85 skills
Eighth Grade Social Studies Study Guides:24 skills