Science Worksheets and Study Guides First Grade. All about animals

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New Jersey Standards

NJ.5.3.2. Life Science: Life science principles are powerful conceptual tools for making sense of the complexity, diversity, and interconnectedness of life on Earth. Order in natural systems arises in accordance with rules that govern the physical world, and the order of natural systems can be modeled and predicted through the use of mathematics.
5.3.2.D. Heredity and Reproduction: Organisms reproduce, develop, and have predictable life cycles. Organisms contain genetic information that influences their traits, and they pass this on to their offspring during reproduction.
Organisms have predictable characteristics at different stages of development.
5.3.2.D.2. Determine the characteristic changes that occur during the life cycle of plants and animals by examining a variety of species, and distinguish between growth and development.
NJ.5.4.2. Earth Systems Science: Earth operates as a set of complex, dynamic, and interconnected systems, and is a part of the all-encompassing system of the universe.
5.4.2.G. Biogeochemical Cycles: The biogeochemical cycles in the Earth systems include the flow of microscopic and macroscopic resources from one reservoir in the hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, or biosphere to another, are driven by Earth's internal and external sources of energy, and are impacted by human activity.
Organisms have basic needs and they meet those needs within their environment.
5.4.2.G.3. Identify and categorize the basic needs of living organisms as they relate to the environment.