Science Worksheets and Study Guides First Grade. Magnets

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Mississippi College & Career Readiness Standards

MS.L.1. GRADE ONE: Life Science
Hierarchical Organization
L.1.1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the basic needs and structures of plants.
L.1.1.5. With teacher support, gain an understanding that scientists are humans who use observations and experiments to learn about the natural world. Obtain information from informational text or other media about scientists who have made important observations about plants (e.g., Theophrastus, Gregor Mendel, George Washington Carver, Katherine Esau).
MS.P.1. GRADE ONE: Physical Science
Motions, Forces, and Energy
P.1.6B. Students will demonstrate an understanding of sound.
P.1.6B.1. Conduct an investigation to provide evidence that vibrations create sound (e.g., pluck a guitar string) and that sound can create vibrations (e.g., feeling sound through a speaker).