Science Worksheets and Study Guides Second Grade. Magnets

The resources above cover the following skills:

Core Ideas for Knowing Science
Physical Science
Objects can affect other objects at a distance.
Second Grade: Focus on Systems and System Models; Energy and Matter
Physical Sciences: Students develop an understanding of observable properties of matter and how changes in energy (heating or cooling) can affect matter or materials.
Physical Science Standards
Plan and carry out an investigation to determine that matter has mass, takes up space, and is recognized by its observable properties; use the collected evidence to develop and support an explanation.
Earth and Space Sciences: Students develop an understanding of the distribution and role of water and wind in weather, shaping the land, and where organisms live. Wind and water can also change environments, and students learn humans and other organisms can change environments too. Students develop an understanding of changing patterns in the sky including the position of Sun, Moon, and stars, and the apparent shape of the Moon.
Earth and Space Standards
Develop and use models to represent that water can exist in different states and is found in oceans, glaciers, lakes, rivers, ponds, and the atmosphere.
Analyze patterns in weather conditions of various regions of the world and design, test, and refine solutions to protect humans from severe weather conditions.