Science Worksheets and Study Guides Second Grade. What is science?

The resources above cover the following skills:

Inquiry Process
Scientific Testing (Investigating and Modeling): Participate in planning and conducting investigations, and recording data.
Use simple tools such as rulers, thermometers, magnifiers, and balances to collect data (U.S. customary units) (See M02-S4C4-05 and M02-S4C4-06).
History and Nature of Science
History of Science as a Human Endeavor: Identify individual and cultural contributions to scientific knowledge.
Identify how diverse people and/or cultures, past and present, have made important contributions to scientific innovations (e.g., Daniel Hale Williams , supports Strand 4; Charles Drew [physician], supports Strand 4; Elizabeth Blackwell [physician], supports Strand 4).
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
Science and Technology in Society: Understand the impact of technology.
Identify a simple problem that could be solved by using a suitable tool.