Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Forces and motion-how things move

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Rhode Island World-Class Standards

RI.PS3. Physical Science: The motion of an object is affected by forces.
PS3 (K-4)-INQ+SAE-7. Use data to predict how a change in force (greater/less) might affect the position, direction of motion, or speed of an object (e.g., ramps and balls).
PS3 (3-4)-7. Students demonstrate an understanding of motion by...
7a. Predicting the direction and describing the motion of objects (of different weights, shapes, sizes, etc.) if a force is applied to it.
7c. Investigating and describing that different amounts of force can change direction/speed of an object in motion.
7d. Conducting experiments to demonstrate that different objects fall to earth unless something is holding them up.

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