Science Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Where plants and animals live

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Minnesota Academic Standards

MN.3.1. The Nature of Science and Engineering
3.1.1. The Practice of Science The student will understand that scientific inquiry is a set of interrelated processes incorporating multiple approaches that are used to pose questions about the natural world and investigate phenomena. Construct reasonable explanations based on evidence collected from observations or experiments.
3.1.3. Interactions Among Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Society The student will understand that tools and mathematics help scientists and engineers see more, measure more accurately, and do things that they could not otherwise accomplish. Use tools, including rulers, thermometers, magnifiers and simple balances, to improve observations and keep a record of the observations made.
MN.3.4. Life Science
3.4.1. Structure and Function in Living Systems The student will understand that living things are diverse with many different characteristics that enable them to grow, reproduce and survive. Identify common groups of plants and animals using observable physical characteristics, structures and behaviors.