Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Introduction to animals

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards

NH.LS2. Life Science: Energy flows and matter recycles through an ecosystem.
S:LS2:4:1.1. Environment: Students will describe how the nature of an organism's environment, such as the availability of a food source, the quantity and variety of other species present, and the physical characteristics of the environment affect the organism's patterns of behavior.
NH.LS3. Life Science: Groups of organisms show evidence of change over time (e.g. evolution, natural selection, structures, behaviors, and biochemistry).
S:LS3:4:1.2. Change: Students will provide examples of how an organism's inherited characteristics can adapt and change over time in response to changes in the environment.
S:LS3:4:3.2. Natural Selection: Students will recognize that for any particular environment, some kinds of animals and plants survive well, some less well, and some cannot survive at all.
NH.LS4. Life Science: Humans are similar to other species in many ways, and yet are unique among Earth's life forms.
S:LS4:4:1.1. Behavior: Students will recognize that an individual organism's behavior is affected by internal cues, such as hunger and thirst; and describe how an organism uses its senses to understand and respond to these cues.
S:LS4:4:1.2. Behavior: Students will recognize that an individual organism's behavior is influenced by external cues, such as seasonal change; and describe how an organism might react, such as migrating or hibernating.