Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Matter

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New Jersey Standards

NJ.5.2.4. Physical Science: Physical science principles, including fundamental ideas about matter, energy, and motion, are powerful conceptual tools for making sense of phenomena in physical, living, and Earth systems science.
5.2.4.A. Properties of Matter: All objects and substances in the natural world are composed of matter. Matter has two fundamental properties: matter takes up space, and matter has inertia.
Each state of matter has unique properties (e.g., gases can be compressed, while solids and liquids cannot; the shape of a solid is independent of its container; liquids and gases take the shape of their containers).
5.2.4.A.2. Plan and carry out an investigation to distinguish among solids, liquids, and gasses.
Some objects are composed of a single substance; others are composed of more than one substance.
5.2.4.A.1. Identify objects that are composed of a single substance and those that are composed of more than one substance using simple tools found in the classroom.