Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Plant growth and reproduction

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Maryland Standards

MD.3.0. Life Science: The students will use scientific skills and processes to explain the dynamic nature of living things, their interactions, and the results from the interactions that occur over time.
3.A.1. Diversity of Life: Explain how animals and plants can be grouped according to observable features.
3.A.1.b. Classify a variety of animals and plants according to their observable features and provide reasons for placing them into different groups.
3.F.1. Ecology: Explain ways that individuals and groups of organisms interact with each other and their environment.
3.F.1.a. Identify and describe the interactions of organisms present in a habitat: Competition for space, food, and water; Beneficial interactions: nesting, pollination, seed dispersal, oysters filtering as in the Chesapeake Bay, etc.; Roles within food chains and webs: scavengers, decomposers, producers, consumers.