Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Plant Structure and function

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New Hampshire College and Career Ready Standards

NH.LS1. Life Science: All living organisms have identifiable structures and characteristics that allow for survival (organisms, populations, and species).
S:LS1:4:2.1. Living Things and Organization: Students will recognize that living organisms have certain structures and systems that perform specific functions, facilitating survival, growth and reproduction.
S:LS1:4.2.2. Living Things and Organization: Students identify and describe the function of the plant structures responsible for food production, water transport, support, reproduction, growth and protection.
S:LS1:4:2.3. Living Things and Organization: Students identify and explain how the physical structures of an organism (plants or animals) allow it to survive in its habitat/environment (e.g., roots for water; nose to smell fire).

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