Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Chemical and physical changes of matter

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Utah Standards

UT.I. Students will understand that chemical and physical changes occur in matter.
I.2. Evaluate evidence that indicates a physical change has occurred.
I.2.a. Identify the physical properties of matter (e.g., hard, soft, solid, liquid, gas).
I.2.b. Compare changes in substances that indicate a physical change has occurred.
I.2.c. Describe the appearance of a substance before and after a physical change.
I.3. Investigate evidence for changes in matter that occur during a chemical reaction.
I.3.a. Identify observable evidence of a chemical reaction (e.g., color change, heat or light given off, heat absorbed, gas given off).
I.3.b. Explain why the measured weight of a remaining product is less than its reactants when a gas is produced.
I.3.d. Compare a physical change to a chemical change.
I.3.e. Hypothesize how changing one of the materials in a chemical reaction will change the results.