Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Earth's freshwater and atmosphere

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Delaware Standards

DE.4. Earth in Space
4.1. The Earth/Moon/Sun System
Enduring Understanding: There are observable, predictable patterns of movement in the Sun, Earth, and Moon system that account for day/night.
4.1.A. The apparent path of the Sun, as seen from Earth, is from east to west. Over the course of a day, half of the Earth is always illuminated by the Sun causing day, and the half not illuminated by the Sun experiences nighttime. (Level: Essential
4.1.B. The cycle from day to night is caused by the Earth's rotation. Earth undergoes one complete rotation about every 24 hours. (Level: Essential)
DE.8. Ecology
8.3. Human Impact
Enduring Understanding: Humans can alter the living and non-living factors within an ecosystem, thereby creating changes to the overall system.
8.3.A. Human activities may cause pollution of air, water and soil. (Level: Important)
8.3.B. Different technologies are used to access resources to meet human wants and needs. In many cases the environment is affected and resources become limited. Some activities may include burning of fossil fuels, logging, building of highways, shopping centers, and dams, introduction of one species to control another species, spraying of insects, as well as some aspects of farming. (Level: Important)