Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Elements, mixtures and compounds

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Delaware Standards

DE.2. Materials and Their Properties
2.2. Mixtures and Solutions
Enduring Understanding: The properties of a mixture are based on the properties of its components.
2.2.A. Most materials are physical mixtures. Physical mixtures can be composed of different kinds of materials, each having distinct physical properties. These physical property differences can be used to separate, sort, and group the materials of the mixture. (Level: Essential)
2.2.B. Mixtures can consist of different combinations of solids and/or liquids. The characteristics of these resulting mixtures depend on the relative amounts and properties of the components. (Level: Essential)
2.2.D. When a solid is dissolved in a liquid, a solution is formed that can be separated through the process of evaporation. (Level: Essential)