Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Elements, mixtures and compounds

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Washington Standards

WA.4. Physical Science
PS2. Matter: Properties and Change
4-5.PS2. States of Matter: In prior grades students learned to identify different physical properties of matter and to realize that an object may be made from several different types of materials. In grades 4-5 students learn that a given substance may exist in different states-solid, liquid, and gas-and that many substances can be changed from one state to another. This understanding of matter lays the foundation for later explanations of matter in terms of atomic theory.
4-5.PS2C. Students know that the total amount of matter is conserved (stays the same) when it undergoes a physical change such as when an object is broken into tiny pieces, when a solid is dissolved in a liquid, or when matter changes state (solid, liquid, gas).
4-5.PS2C.1. Students are expected to explain that dissolved substances have not disappeared, and cite evidence to determine that the substance is still there (e.g., sprinkle sugar on cereal, add milk, and you can taste it even though you can no longer see the sugar).