Science Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. The nature of science

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

West Virginia Standards

WV.SC.S.5.1. Nature of Science: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the history of science and the evolvement of scientific knowledge, demonstrate an understanding of science as a human endeavor encompassing the contributions of diverse cultures and scientists, demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of a scientist, demonstrate skills of scientific inquiry.
SC.O.5.1.1. Realize that scientists formulate and test their explanations of nature using observation and experiments.
SC.O.5.1.12. Use inferential reasoning to make logical conclusions from collected data.
SC.O.5.1.6. Formulate conclusions through close observations, logical reasoning, objectivity, perseverance and integrity in data collection.
SC.O.5.1.8. Use a variety of technologies and scientific instruments to conduct explorations, investigations and experiments of the natural world.
SC.O.5.1.9. Demonstrate safe techniques for handling, manipulating and caring for science materials, equipment, natural specimens and living organisms.
WV.SC.S.5.2. Content of Science: Students will demonstrate knowledge, understanding and applications of scientific facts, concepts, principles, theories and models as delineated in the objectives, demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships among physics, chemistry, biology and the earth and space sciences, apply knowledge, understanding and skills of science subject matter/concepts to daily life experiences.
SC.O.5.2.4. Observe and identify cells of organisms using a microscope.
WV.SC.S.5.3. Application of Science: Students will explore the relationship between the parts and the whole system; construct a variety of useful models; examine changes that occur in an object or system, demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence between science and technology, demonstrate the ability to utilize technology to gather data and communicate designs, results and conclusions, demonstrate the ability to evaluate the impact of different points of view on health, population, resource and environmental practices.
SC.O.5.3.2. Construct a variety of useful models of an object, event, or process.