Science Worksheets and Study Guides Seventh Grade. Energy and energy resources

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Missouri Standards

MO.1. Properties and Principals of Matter and Energy
1.2. Energy has a source, can be stored, and can be transferred but is conserved within a system
1.2.F. Energy can be transferred within a system as the total amount of energy remains constant (i.e., Law of Conservation of Energy)
1.2.F.a. Scope and Sequence - Energy Transformations: Identify the different energy transformations that occur between different systems (e.g., chemical energy in battery converted to electricity in circuit converted to light and heat from a bulb)
MO.2. Properties and Principals of Force and Motion
2.2. Forces affect motion
2.2.F. Work transfers energy into and out of a mechanical system
2.2.F.a. Scope and Sequence - Force, Motion, and Work: Recognize examples of work being done on an object (force applied and distance moved in the direction of the applied force) with and without the use of simple machines
2.2.F.b. Scope and Sequence - Force, Motion, and Work: Calculate the amount of work done when a force is applied to an object over a distance W = f x d
2.2.F.d. Scope and Sequence - Force, Motion, and Work: Recognize the amount of work output is never greater than the amount of work input, with or without the use of a simple machine
MO.5. Processes and Interactions of the Earth's Systems (Geosphere, Atmosphere, and Hydrosphere)
5.3. Human activity is dependent upon and affects Earth's resources and systems
5.3.A. Earth's materials are limited natural resource's affected by human activity
5.3.A.a. Scope and Sequence - Energy Transformations: Distinguish between renewable (e.g., geothermal, hydroelectric) and nonrenewable (e.g., fossil fuel) energy sources
MO.8. Impact of Science, Technology and Human Activity
8.3. Science and technology affect, and are affected by, society
8.3.B. Social, political, economic, ethical and environmental factors strongly influence, and are influenced by, the direction of progress of science and technology
8.3.B.b. Scope and Sequence - All Units: Identify and evaluate the physical, social, economic, and/or environmental problems that may be overcome using science and technology (e.g., the need for alternative fuels, human travel in space, AIDS)