Science Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. Respiration and excretion

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Missouri Standards

MO.3. Characteristics and Interactions of Living Organisms
3.2. Living organisms carry out life processes in order to survive
3.2.C. Chromosomes are components of cells that occur in pairs and carry hereditary information from one cell to daughter cells and from parent to offspring during reproduction
3.2.C.f. Explain the interactions between the circulatory and respiratory systems in exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide between cells and the atmosphere (when oxygen enters the body, passes into the blood stream, and is transported into the cell; carbon dioxide is transported out of the cell, passes into the blood stream, and exits the body))
3.2.F. Cellular activities and responses can maintain stability internally while external conditions are changing (homeostasis)
3.2.F.a. Scope and Sequence - Cells and Body Systems: Predict the response the body may take to maintain internal balance during an environmental change (e.g., shivering when cold, slowing metabolism when food supply decreases or when dehydrated, adrenaline rush when frightened)