Science Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. Rocks

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Missouri Standards

MO.1. Properties and Principals of Matter and Energy
1.1. Changes in properties and states of matter provide evidence of the atomic theory of matter
1.1.I. Mass is conserved during any physical or chemical change
1.1.I.b. Scope and Sequence - Rock Cycle and Plate Tectonics: Explain that the amount of matter remains constant while being recycled through the rock cycle
MO.5. Processes and Interactions of the Earth's Systems (Geosphere, Atmosphere, and Hydrosphere)
5.1. Earth's systems (Geosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere) have common components and unique structures
5.1.A. The Earth's crust is composed of various materials, including soil, minerals, and rocks, with characteristic properties
5.1.A.a. Scope and Sequence - Rock Cycle and Plate Tectonics: Differentiate between minerals and rocks (which are composed of different kinds of minerals)
5.1.A.d. Scope and Sequence - Rock Cycle and Plate Tectonics: Classify rocks as sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic
5.2. Earth's systems (Geosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere) interact with one another as they undergo change by common processes
5.2.C. Continual changes in Earth's materials and surface that result from internal and external processes are described by the rock cycle
5.2.C.a. Scope and Sequence - Rock Cycle and Plate Tectonics: Explain how heating and cooling in the mantle layer leads to the formation of metamorphic rocks and some igneous rocks
5.2.C.b. Scope and Sequence - Rock Cycle and Plate Tectonics: Make inferences about the formation of igneous and metamorphic rocks from their physical properties (e.g., crystal size indicates rate of cooling, air pockets or glassy texture indicate volcanic activity)
5.2.C.c. Scope and Sequence - Rock Cycle and Plate Tectonics: Explain and diagram the external and internal processes of the rock cycle (e.g., weathering and erosion, sedimentation, compaction, heating, recrystallization, resurfacing due to forces that drive plate motion)

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