Science Worksheets and Study Guides Eighth Grade. The Evolution and interaction of Living Things

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arizona Standards

AZ.SC08-S2. History and Nature of Science
SC08-S2C1. History of Science as a Human Endeavor: Identify individual, cultural, and technological contributions to scientific knowledge.
SC08-S2C1-01. Identify how diverse people and/or cultures, past and present, have made important contributions to scientific innovations (e.g., Watson and Crick , support Strand 4; Rosalind Franklin [scientist], supports Strand 4; Charles Darwin [scientist], supports Strand 4; George Washington Carver [scientist, inventor], supports Strand 4; Joseph Priestley [scientist], supports Strand 5; Sir Frances Bacon [philosopher], supports Strand 5; Isaac Newton [scientist], supports Strand 5).
AZ.SC08-S4. Life Science
SC08-S4C4. Diversity, Adaptation, and Behavior: Identify structural and behavioral adaptations.
SC08-S4C4-03. Determine characteristics of organisms that could change over several generations.
SC08-S4C4-04. Compare the symbiotic and competitive relationships in organisms within an ecosystem (e.g., lichen, mistletoe/tree, clownfish/sea anemone, native/non-native species).
SC08-S4C4-06. Describe the following factors that allow for the survival of living organisms: protective coloration; beak design; seed dispersal; pollination.