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Roles of the Citizens Third Grade Social Studies
Famous Americans Third Grade Social Studies
Likes and Dislikes Kindergarten Social Studies
Likes and Dislikes Kindergarten Social Studies
Family Tree Kindergarten Social Studies
Likes and Dislikes Kindergarten Social Studies
Needs and Wants First Grade Social Studies

Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade

AlgonquiansWorksheets: 3Citizenship and GovernmentWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Colonial PeriodFreeWorksheets: 3ColonizationWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1EconomicsWorksheets: 3European/Native American EncounterWorksheets: 7Study Guides: 1ExplorationWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1First AmericansWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Forming a GovernmentWorksheets: 7Study Guides: 1GeographyWorksheets: 7Study Guides: 1Growth of a NationWorksheets: 7Study Guides: 1Holidays, Landmarks, & SymbolsWorksheets: 6Study Guides: 1Industrial Growth & ExpansionWorksheets: 3Industrialization/EconomicsWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1IroquoisWorksheets: 3Leading Up to the RevolutionWorksheets: 6Study Guides: 1Local & State GovernmentWorksheets: 3Map SkillsWorksheets: 3Middle Western Region USWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1New England, Middle, and Southern ColoniesWorksheets: 7Study Guides: 1New York Map - PhysicalWorksheets: 3New York Map - PoliticalWorksheets: 3Northeastern Region USWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Notable PeopleWorksheets: 6Study Guides: 1Notable People-Westward ExpansionWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Pioneer LifeWorksheets: 7Study Guides: 1Purposes of GovernmentWorksheets: 3Social Studies SkillsWorksheets: 6Study Guides: 1Southeastern Region USWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Southwestern Region USWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1States and CapitalsWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1The RevolutionFreeWorksheets: 7Study Guides: 1Timelines, Graphs, ChartsWorksheets: 6Study Guides: 1UrbanizationWorksheets: 3Western Region USWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Westward ExpansionWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1