English Language Arts Worksheets and Study Guides Sixth Grade. Interpret Text

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Maryland Standards

MD.1.0. General Reading Processes
1.E. Students will use a variety of strategies to understand what they read (construct meaning).
1.E.2. Use strategies to prepare for reading (before reading)
1.E.2.d. Make connections to the text from prior knowledge and experiences
1.E.3. Use strategies to make meaning from text (during reading)
1.E.3.d. Skim the text to search for connections between and among ideas
1.E.3.j. Explain personal connections to the ideas or information in the text
1.E.4. Use strategies to demonstrate understanding of the text (after reading)
1.E.4.h. Connect the text to prior knowledge or personal experience
MD.2.0. Comprehension of Informational Text
2.A.4. Determine and analyze important ideas and messages in informational texts
2.A.4.f. Explain relationships between and among ideas such as comparison/contrast, cause/effect, sequence/chronology
2.A.4.j. Connect the text to prior knowledge or experience
MD.3.0. Comprehension of Literary Text
3.A.6. Determine important ideas and messages in literary texts
3.A.6.e. Identify and explain personal connections to the text