Science Worksheets and Study Guides Sixth Grade. Our impact on earth

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

New Hampshire Standards

NH.ESS1. Earth Space Science: The Earth and Earth materials, as we know them today, have developed over long periods of time, through constant change processes.
S:ESS1:6:1.5. Atmosphere, Climate, and Weather: Students will describe how clouds affect weather and climate, including precipitation, reflecting light from the sun, and retaining heat energy emitted from the Earth's surface.
S:ESS1:6:7.2. Water: Students will explain that water quality has a direct effect on Earth's life forms.
NH.ESS4. Earth Space Science: The growth of scientific knowledge in Earth Space Science has been advanced through the development of technology and is used (alone or in combination with other sciences) to identify, understand and solve local and global issues.
S:ESS4:6:3.3. Career Technical Education Connections: Students will provide examples of how to reduce waste through conservation, recycling, and reuse.