Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Third Grade. Effective Decision Making

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

North Dakota Standards

ND.3. Economic Concepts: Students understand economic concepts and the characteristics of various economic systems.
3.3.1. Personal Finances: Identify ways families and communities cooperate and compromise (e.g., fundraisers, food pantries, living within your means) to meet needs and wants
3.3.2. Personal Finances: Explain how supply and demand affect personal economic choices (e.g., how scarcity forces people to decide which goods and services to obtain, what is given up in economic choices)
ND.4. Government and Citizenship: Students understand the development, functions, and forms of various political systems and the role of the citizen in government and society.
3.4.1. Citizenship: Identify the roles, rights, and responsibilities of a citizen in a community (e.g., obedience to laws, the right to vote, service to the common good)
ND.6. Human Development and Behavior: Students understand the importance of culture, individual identity, and group identity.
3.6.1. Identity: Identify the varying roles (e.g., parent, teacher, brother/sister, student, girl/boy scout, community volunteer) that individuals play in various groups (i.e., family, school, and communities)