Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Colonial Life

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Virginia Standards

VA.VS. Virginia Studies
Colonization and Conflict: 1607 through the American Revolution
VS.3. The student will demonstrate knowledge of the first permanent English settlement in America by:
VS.3.a) explaining the reasons for English colonization.
VS.3.b) describing how geography influenced the decision to settle at Jamestown.
VS.3.c) identifying the importance of the charters of the Virginia Company of London in establishing the Jamestown settlement.
VS.3.d) identifying the importance of the General Assembly (1619) as the first representative legislative body in English America.
VS.3.e) identifying the importance of the arrival of Africans and English women to the Jamestown settlement.
VS.3.f) describing the hardships faced by settlers at Jamestown and the changes that took place to ensure survival.
VS.3.g) describing the interactions between the English settlers and the native peoples, including the contributions of Powhatan to the survival of the settlers.
VS.4. The student will demonstrate knowledge of life in the Virginia colony by:
VS.4.a) explaining the importance of agriculture and its influence on the institution of slavery.
VS.4.b) describing how the culture of colonial Virginia reflected the origins of European (English, Scots-Irish, German) immigrants, Africans, and American Indians.
VS.4.d) describing how money, barter, and credit were used.
VS.4.e) describing everyday life in colonial Virginia.
Virginia: The Physical Geography and Native Peoples
VS.2. The student will demonstrate knowledge of the physical geography and native peoples, past and present, of Virginia by:
VS.2.f) describing how archaeologists have recovered new material evidence at sites including Werowocomoco and Jamestown.