Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. Native People of the U.S.

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards

AZ.SS04-S1. American History
SS04-S1C1. Research Skills for History: Historical research is a process in which students examine topics or questions related to historical studies and/or current issues. By using primary and secondary sources effectively students obtain accurate and relevant information.
SS04-S1C1-04. Describe how archaeological research adds to our understanding of the past.
SS04-S1C2. Early Civilizations Pre 1500: The geographic, political, economic and cultural characteristics of early civilizations made significant contributions to the later development of the United States.
SS04-S1C2-01. Describe the legacy and cultures of prehistoric people in the Americas: a) characteristics of hunter-gatherer societies; b) development of agriculture.
SS04-S1C2-03. Identify other groups (e.g., Patayan, Sinagua, Salado) residing in the Southwest during this period.
SS04-S1C3. Exploration and Colonization 1500s - 1700s: The varied causes and effects of exploration, settlement, and colonization shaped regional and national development of the U.S.
SS04-S1C3-03. Describe the location and cultural characteristics of Native American tribes (e.g., O'odham, Apache, Hopi) during the Spanish period.
SS04-S1C5. Westward Expansion 1800 - 1860: Westward expansion, influenced by political, cultural, and economic factors, led to the growth and development of the U.S.
SS04-S1C5-04. Describe the impact of Native Americans, Hispanics, and newcomers from the United States and the world on the culture of Arizona (e.g., art, language, architecture, mining, ranching).
SS04-S1C5-05. Describe the conflict of cultures that occurred between newcomers and Arizona Native Americans: a) Indian Wars; b) Navajo Long Walk; c) formation of reservations.
SS04-S1C7. Emergence of the Modern United States 1875 - 1929: Economic, social, and cultural changes transformed the U.S. into a world power.
SS04-S1C7-03. Identify key individuals and groups (e.g., Charles Poston, Sharlot Hall, Buffalo Soldiers, Geronimo, George W.P. Hunt, Manuelito, Cochise) related to Arizona territorial days and early statehood.
SS04-S1C7-05. Recognize the formation of Native American communities and reservations in Arizona (e.g., Gila River Reservation, Yaquis, Colorado River Indian Tribes).
SS04-S1C10. Contemporary United States 1970s - Present: Current events and issues continue to shape our nation and our involvement in the global community.
SS04-S1C10-04. Discuss the contributions of diverse populations to Arizona.
AZ.SS04-S4. Geography
SS04-S4C2. Places and Regions: Places and regions have distinct physical and cultural characteristics.
SS04-S4C2-01. Describe how the Southwest has distinct physical and cultural characteristics.