Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. State Government

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Colorado Academic Standards (CAS)

CO.1. History
1.2. The historical eras, individuals, groups, ideas and themes in Colorado history and their relationships to key events in the United States. Students can:
1.2.c. Describe the development of the political structure in Colorado history. Topics to include but not limited to an understanding of the Colorado Constitution and the relationship between state and national government
CO.4. Civics
4.1. Analyze and debate multiple perspectives on an issue. Students can:
4.1.a. Give examples of issues faced by the state and develop possible solutions
4.1.b. Provide supportive arguments for both sides of a current public policy debate
4.1.c. Discuss how various individuals and groups influence the way an issue affecting the state is viewed and resolved
4.2. The origins, structure, and functions of the Colorado government. Students can:
4.2.a. Explain the origins, structure, and functions of the three branches of the state government and the relationships among them
4.2.b. Identify and explain a variety of roles leaders, citizens, and others play in state government