Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fourth Grade. U.S. Constitution

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Tennessee Academic Standards

TN.4. FOURTH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - The History of the United States: Colonization to Reconstruction
Creating a New Government (1781-1789)
Overview: Students will describe the people involved in writing, events leading up to, and the ideas embedded within the Constitution.
4.12. Identify the roles of James Madison and George Washington during the Constitutional Convention, and analyze the major issues debated, including: Distribution of power between the states and federal government; Great Compromise; Slavery and the Three-Fifths Compromise [C, E, G, H, P]
4.13. Describe the conflict between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists over ratification of the Constitution, including the need for a Bill of Rights. [H, P]
4.14. Describe the principles embedded in the Constitution, including: Purposes of government (listed in the Preamble); Separation of powers; Branches of government; Checks and balances; Recognition and protection of individual rights (in the 1st Amendment) [P]
Building the New Nation (1790-1830)
Overview: Students will explore the development of the federal government, the exploration of the West, the impact of expansion on American Indians, and the contributions of key people during this era.
4.15. Examine the legacy and significance of the presidency of George Washington, including: the creation of cabinet member positions, two-party split, and the push for a strong central government. [H, P]

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