Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Exploration

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Hawaii Standards

HI.SS.5.1. Historical Understanding: CHANGE, CONTINUITY, AND CAUSALITY-Understand change and/or continuity and cause and/or effect in history
TOPIC: Chronological Thinking
SS.5.1.1. Use chronological order to explain causal relationships between and among people and events
HI.SS.5.2. Historical Understanding: INQUIRY, EMPATHY AND PERSPECTIVE-Use the tools and methods of inquiry, perspective, and empathy to explain historical events with multiple interpretations and judge the past on its own terms
TOPIC: Historical Empathy
SS.5.2.2. Judge the past in the context of the time instead of imposing present norms and values on historical events
HI.SS.5.3. History: EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY-Understand important historical events through the Revolution
TOPIC: Exploration, Migration, and Settlement
SS.5.3.1. Identify what Europeans sought (e.g., route to Asia) and what they found (e.g., new crops) during the Age of Exploration