Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Forming a Government

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Arizona Standards

AZ.SS05-S1. American History
SS05-S1C1. Research Skills for History: Historical research is a process in which students examine topics or questions related to historical studies and/or current issues. By using primary and secondary sources effectively students obtain accurate and relevant information.
SS05-S1C1-03. Describe the difference between primary and secondary sources.
SS05-S1C1-04. Locate information using both primary and secondary sources.
SS05-S1C4. Revolution and New Nation 1700s - 1820: The development of American constitutional democracy grew from political, cultural and economic issues, ideas and event.
SS05-S1C4-04. Describe how one nation evolved from thirteen colonies through the following events: a) Constitutional Convention; b) George Washington's presidency; c) creation of political parties
AZ.SS05-S3. Civics/Government
SS05-S3C1. Foundations of Government: The United States democracy is based on principles and ideals that are embodied by symbols, people and documents.
SS05-S3C1-01. Identify the democratic principles and ideals associated with the following documents: a) Mayflower Compact; b) Declaration of Independence; c) Articles of Confederation; d) United States Constitution; e) Bill of Rights.
SS05-S3C1-02. Recognize the contributions and roles of the following individuals in creating the American government: a) John Adams; b) Benjamin Franklin; c) Alexander Hamilton; d) Thomas Jefferson; e) James Madison; f) John Marshall; g) George Washington.
SS05-S3C1-03. Describe the struggle between the Federalists and the Anti-federalists over the ratification of the Constitution and the creation of the Bill of Rights.
SS05-S3C3. Functions of Government: Laws and policies are developed to govern, protect, and promote the well-being of the people.
SS05-S3C3-01. Explain ways in which the powers of the federal government differed from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution.
SS05-S3C3-03. Describe how the checks and balance system which established the three branches of the federal government works, as in Andrew Johnson's impeachment.