Social Studies Worksheets and Study Guides Fifth Grade. Social Studies Skills

The resources above correspond to the standards listed below:

Nevada Standards

NV.G5.0. The World in Spatial Terms: Students use maps, globes, and other geographic tools and technologies to locate and extrapolate information about people, places, and environments. At a minimum, students will maintain previous content and attain the following:
Map Selection & Analysis
G5.5.3. Describe purposes for different types of maps and globes, i.e., topographical, political, physical.
Map Use & Geographic Tools
G5.5.6. Derive geographic information from photographs, maps, graphs, books, and technological resources.
NV.G6.0. Places & Regions - Students understand the physical and human features of places and use this information to define and study regions and their patterns of change. At a minimum, students will maintain previous content and attain the following:
G6.5.6. Define absolute location.
NV.S1.0. Social Studies Skills - As students become increasingly sophisticated and informed thinkers, they are provided opportunities to develop and apply skills that enhance critical thinking processes by developing and applying 21st Century Skills.
Content Literacy
S1.5.1. Skim text for main ideas.
S1.5.2. Use reading strategies to identify key content words, and supporting details to build comprehension.
S1.5.4. Use reading and writing to respond to historical literature.
Historical Analysis & Interpretation
S1.5.14. Identify and discuss primary and secondary sources.
Information, Media & Technology Literacy
S1.5.9. Explain content through the use of maps, graphs, charts, diagrams.