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Alabama Standards for First Grade Science

AL.1. Physical Science - Students will:

1.1. Select appropriate tools and technological resources needed to gather, analyze, and interpret data. Examples: platform balances, hand lenses, computers, maps, graphs, journals

1.2. Identify basic properties of objects. Examples: size, shape, color, texture

1.3. Describe effects of forces on objects, including change of speed, direction, and position.

AL.2. Life Science - Students will:

2.4. Describe survival traits of living things, including color, shape, size, texture, and covering.

2.4.b. Identifying developmental stages of plants and animals. Examples: plants - seed developing into seedling, seedling developing into tree; animals - piglet developing into pig, kid developing into goat
2.4.c. Describing a variety of habitats and natural homes of animals

AL.3. Earth and Space Science - Students will:

3.10. Describe uses of recycled materials. Examples: manufacture of paper products from old newspapers, production of mulch from trees

3.7. Identify components of Earth's surface, including soil, rocks, and water.

3.8. Recognize daily changes in weather, including clouds, precipitation, and temperature.

3.8.b. Recording weather data using weather journals, charts, and maps