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Minnesota Standards for First Grade Science

All about animalsWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1All about heat and energyFreeWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1All about plantsWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1Describe and measure matterWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1ElectricityWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Food ChainsWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 2Force and motionWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1Human bodyWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 2Land, water, and airWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1Light and soundWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1Living and nonliving thingsWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1MagnetsWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1Math in ScienceWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1My sensesWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1Science in our worldWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1Taking Care of EarthWorksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1The seasonsWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1The SkyWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1WeatherWorksheets: 4Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1Where do animals live?Worksheets: 3Study Guides: 1Vocabulary: 1

MN.1.1. The Nature of Science and Engineering

1.1.3. Interactions Among Science, Technology Engineering, Mathematics, and Society The student will understand that men and women throughout the history of all cultures, including Minnesota American Indian tribes and communities, have been involved in engineering design and scientific inquiry. Recognize that tools are used by people, including scientists and engineers, to gather information and solve problems.

MN.1.3. Earth and Space Science

1.3.1. Earth Structure and Processes The student will understand that Earth materials include solid rocks, sand, soil and water. These materials have different observable physical properties that make them useful. Describe similarities and differences between soil and rocks.

MN.1.4. Life Science

1.4.1. Structure and Function in Living Systems The student will understand that living things are diverse with many different observable characteristics. Describe and sort animals into groups in many ways, according to their physical characteristics and behaviors.

1.4.2. Interdependence in Living Systems The student will understand that natural systems have many components that interact to maintain the living system. Recognize that animals need space, water, food, shelter and air. Describe ways in which an animal's habitat provides for its basic needs.

1.4.3. Evolution in Living Systems The student will understand that plants and animals undergo a series of orderly changes during their life cycles. Demonstrate an understanding that animals pass through life cycles that include a beginning, development into adults, reproduction and eventually death. Recognize that animals pass through the same life cycle stages as their parents.