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Alabama Standards for Kindergarten Science

AL.1. Physical Science - Students will:

1.1. Classify objects as solids or liquids.

1.2. Identify the sun as Earth's source of light and heat.

1.2.a. Predicting the effect of the sun on living and nonliving things

1.4. Identify properties of motion, including change of position and change of speed.

1.5. Predict whether an object will be attracted by a magnet.

AL.2. Life Science - Students will:

2.7. Classify objects using the five senses.

2.7.a. Grouping objects according to color, shape, size, sound, taste, smell, texture, and temperature

AL.3. Earth and Space Science - Students will:

3.9. Identify seasons of the year.

3.9.a. Describing seasonal changes in the weather