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Living and Nonliving Kindergarten Science
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Indiana Standards for Kindergarten Science

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IN.CS. Content Standards

K.1. Physical Science

K.1.1. Use all senses as appropriate to observe, sort and describe objects according to their composition and physical properties, such as size, color and shape. Explain these choices to others and generate questions about the objects.

K.2. Earth and Space Science

K.2.3. Describe in words and pictures the changes in weather from month to month and season to season.

K.3. Life Science

K.3.1. Observe and draw physical features of common plants and animals.
K.3.2. Describe and compare living animals in terms of shape, texture of body covering, size, weight, color and the way they move.
K.3.3. Describe and compare living plants in terms of growth, parts, shape, size, color and texture.

IN.PS. Process Standards

PS.1. The Nature of Science: Students gain scientific knowledge by observing the natural and constructed world, performing and evaluating investigations and communicating their findings. The following principles should guide student work and be integrated into the curriculum along with the content standards on a daily basis.

PS.1.6. Make and use simple equipment and tools to gather data and extend the senses.