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U.S. PresidentsU.S. Presidents
Natural resources Third Grade Science
Cells: The Basic Units of Life Sixth Grade Science
Protists and Fungi Seventh Grade Science
Fossils Eighth Grade Science
Maps as models of the earth/Contour models Sixth Grade Science
Mirrors and lenses Eighth Grade Science

South Dakota Common Core Standards for Fifth Grade Science

Acids and basesWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :1Animal Diversity and AdaptationsWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :5Cells, tissues and organsFreeWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :6Chemical and physical changes of matterWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :1Cycles of life and BiomesWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2Earth's freshwater and atmosphereWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :3Earth's oceansWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :1Elements, mixtures and compoundsWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2Energy and ecosystemsWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :3Energy resourcesWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2Flowers and seedsWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2Interactions among living thingsWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2Landforms, Rocks and soilWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :4Minerals of Earth's crustWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :4Newton's Laws of motionWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2Plant Responses and AdaptationsWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :1Plants with and without seedsWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :1Properties of matter and EnergyWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2Roots, Stems and LeavesWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2Solids, liquids and gasesWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :1Sound and light energyWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :2The 6-Kingdoms of lifeWorksheets :4Study Guides :1Vocabulary :4The nature of scienceWorksheets :3Study Guides :1The solar systemWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :3Weather, Weather patterns and climateWorksheets :3Study Guides :1Vocabulary :5