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Nebraska Standards for First Grade English Language Arts

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NE.LA 1.1 Reading: Students will learn and apply reading skills and strategies to comprehend text.

LA 1.1.1 Knowledge of Print: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the concepts of print.

LA 1.1.1.e Identify parts of a book (e.g., pages, title, title page, author, illustrator, table of contents)

LA 1.1.2 Phonological Awareness: Students will demonstrate phonological awareness through oral activities.

LA 1.1.2.b Identify and produce oral rhymes
LA 1.1.2.c Blend and segment syllable sounds in spoken words
LA 1.1.2.d Blend and segment onset and rime orally (e.g., v-an, gr-ab)
LA 1.1.2.f Manipulate phonemes to create new words, pseudo or real (e.g., ''What is hand without the /h/?'' -and; ''The word is cat. Change the /t/ to /n/. What's the new word?'' -can)

LA 1.1.3 Word Analysis: Students will use phonetic analysis to read, write, and spell grade-level text.

LA 1.1.3.a Read, write, and spell words by applying common letter-sound correspondences (e.g., single letter consonants, consonant blends, long and short vowels, digraphs)
LA 1.1.3.b Use common word patterns to read, write, and spell new words (e.g., r-controlled letter-sound associations, endings , consonant blends)
LA 1.1.3.d Spell single syllable phonetically regular words
LA 1.1.3.g Use word structure to read text including onsets and rimes, contractions, and common compound words (e.g., football, popcorn, daydream)

LA 1.1.4 Fluency: Students will develop accuracy, phrasing, and expression while reading grade-level text.

LA 1.1.4.b Use a core of high-frequency words and phrases

LA 1.1.5 Vocabulary: Students will build literary, general academic, and content specific grade-level vocabulary.

LA 1.1.5.a Use word structure elements, known words, and word patterns to determine meaning (e.g., plural forms, simple compounds, base words)
LA 1.1.5.c Demonstrate understanding that context clues (e.g., word and sentence clues, rereading) and text features (e.g., photos, illustrations, titles, bold print) exist and may be used to help infer the meaning of unknown words
LA 1.1.5.d Define, sort, and categorize words into conceptual categories (e.g., opposites, living things, synonyms)
LA 1.1.5.f Locate words in reference materials (e.g., alphabetical order)

LA 1.1.6 Comprehension: Students will extract and construct meaning using prior knowledge, applying text information, and monitoring comprehension while reading grade-level text.

LA 1.1.6.b Identify elements of narrative text (e.g., characters, setting, events)
LA 1.1.6.c Retell information from narrative text including characters, setting, and events
LA 1.1.6.e Retell main ideas from informational text
LA 1.1.6.g Identify text features in informational text (e.g., titles, bold print, italic, illustrations, captions)
LA 1.1.6.h Identify the basic characteristics of familiar narrative and informational text genres (e.g., fairy tales, nursery rhymes, picture books, how-to-books)
LA 1.1.6.n Confirm predictions about what will happen next in a text by using meaning clues (e.g., pictures, titles, cover, story sequence, key words)

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