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Virginia Standards for Seventh Grade Math

VA.7. Computation and Estimation

Focus: Integer Operations and Proportional Reasoning

7.3. The student will
7.3.a) model addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers.
7.3.b) add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers.
7.4. The student will solve single-step and multistep practical problems, using proportional reasoning.

VA.7. Geometry

Focus: Relationships between Figures

7.7. The student will compare and contrast the following quadrilaterals based on properties: parallelogram, rectangle, square, rhombus, and trapezoid.

VA.7. Measurement

Focus: Proportional Reasoning

7.5. The student will
7.5.a) describe volume and surface area of cylinders.
7.5.c) describe how changing one measured attribute of a rectangular prism affects its volume and surface area.
7.6. The student will determine whether plane figures--quadrilaterals and triangles--are similar and write proportions to express the relationships between corresponding sides of similar figures.

VA.7. Number and Number Sense

Focus: Proportional Reasoning

7.1. The student will
7.1.b) determine scientific notation for numbers greater than zero.
7.1.c) compare and order fractions, decimals, percents, and numbers written in scientific notation.
7.1.d) determine square roots.

VA.7. Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

Focus: Linear Equations

7.13. The student will
7.13.a) write verbal expressions as algebraic expressions and sentences as equations and vice versa.
7.13.b) evaluate algebraic expressions for given replacement values of the variables.
7.14. The student will
7.14.a) solve one- and two-step linear equations in one variable.
7.15. The student will
7.15.a) solve one-step inequalities in one variable.
7.15.b) graph solutions to inequalities on the number line.
7.16. The student will apply the following properties of operations with real numbers:
7.16.a) the commutative and associative properties for addition and multiplication.
7.16.b) the distributive property.

VA.7. Probability and Statistics

Focus: Applications of Statistics and Probability

7.10. The student will determine the probability of compound events, using the Fundamental (Basic) Counting Principle.
7.11. The student, given data for a practical situation, will
7.11.a) construct and analyze histograms.
7.9. The student will investigate and describe the difference between the experimental probability and theoretical probability of an event.

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