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American Symbols & Holidays Fourth Grade Social Studies
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Hawaii Standards for Fourth Grade Social Studies

HI.SS.4.2. Historical Understanding: INQUIRY, EMPATHY AND PERSPECTIVE-Use the tools and methods of inquiry, perspective, and empathy to explain historical events with multiple interpretations and judge the past on its own terms

TOPIC: Historical Perspectives and Interpretations

SS.4.2.1. Categorize sources of information as primary or secondary and as providing historical fact or opinion

HI.SS.4.3. History: PRE-CONTACT HAWAII HISTORY-Understand the people, events, problems, and ideas that were significant in pre-contact Hawaiian history

TOPIC: Hawaiian State Government

SS.4.3.8. Explain the evolution of Hawaii state government

HI.SS.4.4. Political Science/Civics: GOVERNANCE AND INTERACTION-Understand the purpose and historical impact of political institutions, the principles and values of the Hawaiian kapu system, and the similarities and differences in government across cultural perspectives

TOPIC: Governance, Power, and Authority

SS.4.4.1. Evaluate the kapu system in the context of the time

HI.SS.4.5. Political Science/Civics: PARTICIPATION AND CITIZENSHIP-Understand roles, rights (personal, economic, political), and responsibilities of the Ali'i, Kahuna, Maka'ainana and Kaua classes and how they participated in civic life

TOPIC: Civic Participation

SS.4.5.1. Describe the roles, rights, and responsibilities of each class in pre-contact Hawaii

HI.SS.4.7. Geography: WORLD IN SPATIAL TERMS-Use geographic representations to organize, analyze, and present information on people, places, and environments and understand the nature and interaction of geographic regions and societies around the world

TOPIC: World In Spatial Terms

SS.4.7.2. Collect, organize, and analyze data to interpret and construct geographic representations